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i'm marilyn

Well, I'm just as excited to help you plan the most unique, romantic, and memorable ceremony of your dreams. 

The magic all happens when you say "I do". I can hear those two words over and over and still get chills every time.

Just imagine how you will feel!

You must be so excited—you're getting married!

me, professionally

Officiating weddings become my profession in 2016. I honestly wish I had started this sooner because it's the perfect fit for me. The reason is simple - I love celebrating love. There. That's it!


me, personally

If you have noticed already, I'm a hopeless romantic. In fact, my own wedding ring (and my husband's) has an inscription SHIMLY.

Any guesses what that stands for? See How Much I Love You.  

My husband, my children, their partners, and my grandchildren are the loves of my life. I'm so blessed to be surrounded by so much love.

my philosophy

I believe your ceremony should be a real, authentic celebration, not something simply tolerated.

I believe that your ceremony should reflect your passions and style, not mine or your parents.

I believe that your ceremony should focus on your love and relationship as best friends.

I believe your ceremony should be a celebration of your relationship, not a promotion of religion.

I believe your wedding ceremony is about the bride and groom, not the guests or the officiant.

I believe that almost anything goes when it comes to the genre or feel of your be creative!

my goals

To create and deliver an intimate and personal ceremony

There are many choices and options for your ceremony. It is important that you, the couple, make these choices.  This allows you the greatest  level of control in the actual content spoken at your ceremony, and therefore the greatest level of comfort. 

To create and deliver a ceremony with great passion

Great wedding ceremonies are great because of passion. Passion is reflected in communication skills, in a desire for excellence, and in a belief in the importance and value of great relationships.  I love giving the best of myself to couples who are not only passionate for each other, but also passionate about my role in their ceremony.

To create and deliver a ceremony with the utmost professionalism

I believe in professionalism at every level.  From dress, to communication, to collaboration with other wedding service providers, you're in good hands.

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